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Friday, May 27, 2011,4:19 PM
it has been awhile ~ please stay

Wow! what must i say...its has been a long while. seasons change, people change, i change!. so much to encounter, however, whatever life predicaments, devastation ~ the one thing that i will always like to do is to seek a person who has angered me and forgive them for GOD's sake ~ thereafter i can move on with my journey with clarity of my conscience.
It has been almost 4 years now, the kids has grown. Abang is now a mechanical engineer, having a solar plant project under his sleeves. tt, he has completed his 3rd year, will be starting his practical in less than a week. farrah (errr..the unpredictable one) as always is giving me a heart attack ~ i pray that she is honestly working hard for her forthcoming exams in less that 5 months away.
i wake up each day with thanks & gratefulness for giving me the grace to be with the people that i love most, still given the chance to taste the sweetest of IMAN despite it all..

Thursday, August 12, 2010,5:18 AM
as we approach ramadhan

it has been quite awhile since i have last entered here...
time passes by so very quickly, unnoticed its already the 2nd day of ramadhan. alhamdullilah for the grace and blessings.
ramadhan is a month of cleansing and detoxification and a time for us to reflect on all the things that had taken place in our life, particularly for me within the last couple of years. my life has been good so far, despite all the ups & downs, i am grateful that i am doing much better than many people i know. in fact, in the work arena there are more exciting things to happen, i guess even if some of the plans don't work out, i will still be a happy person. almost all the anger i had for horrible things that happened to me over the years seem to have dissipated too and all i could wish now is a better tomorrow. must say that i have gained more clarity in the past months sorting out things on my own..for matters of the heart, it is surely a slow painful process, nonetheless coping.
whatever it may be, lets look forward to the brighter side of life & move on gracefully.
have a blessed ramadhan to all my friends & loved ones. may all our prayers be answered..

Friday, March 5, 2010,10:19 PM
in pursuit of happiness

sometimes, we just couldn't comprehend things that will take a sudden diversion over night. life sucks...

as we see the people we love grow over the years, we seem to forget that they will soon take things for granted, and slowly loose the respect they have for themselves and ourselves. too much care will lead to dispute of the heart.
but how could it be ?? telling the truth is better than having the truth found out later and the trust is no longer there.
it is really hard to understand, when the best isn't good enough.

at a certain point in life, i just feel like letting go and learn to stop being a nuisance in other people lives..let them be, let them go, so it seems..its none of your business.

well, i need to come to some term of endearment, need to think and struggle hard out of this situation. i really do care, but i cant bear the nonsense.not that i am being possessive, it is just that life is not worth the bitter experiences.
i am no GOD, but a better person out of bitter life experiences...

stop being a hero, just get on with life. shucks!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010,5:26 AM
digital visual world

nowadays, loads of people are spending time on the net on facebook. so they are and here, so add them on. join in the journey of visual farmville, restaurant city, cafe's world etc..
i had ever embarked on the journey with the restaurant city before. gosh!! how jittery life turns out to be.
sunrise~sundown, its nothing but the restaurant..do i ever care was there any food on the table for the family..?? whatever the choice of game, it is addicting. i have quit sanely, so if you are a new comer, my advice..don't ever try !!!
i have a couple of friends. of which one is the extremist. life must be hectic as a result of the addiction. currently she is on farmville. for the fact that she also handles her spouse's account as well ~ so you can guess that means another set of game & whoever accounts are always welcome too!(the more, she is merrier, ha,ha) she uses both accounts to send gifts to herself & additional neighbors...day in~day out, night in~night out, she will spend time decorating, harvesting the farm. sleep don't come easy anymore & the computer is close to calling it quits due to the prolong hours..(hu,hu,hu).
whatever life beholds in making us happy, lets do it in moderation. chill & cheers!

Monday, January 25, 2010,7:01 AM
where have all the flowers gone...??

it was the weekend that was spoilt by uncertainty at work, whilst finding how annoying one can be...today, we had a brain~storming session which blasted off our differences, all for the cause of goodwill, with no personal offence at all...keeping fingers crossed that things will be okay.

it was also a weekend, where a good acquaintance had big row with her spouse, believing that he had been cheating on her... she is one person that is ever so bubbly & it breaks my heart to see her falling into pieces. she wanted to run away from home, but how frightening it is for her children ??
i offered her shelter but she was too embarrassed..how can i help her?? probably soul~searching will be good for both..however it is easier said than done. somehow, with blessing in disguise, i really don't mind to be widowed than struggling through the heartache.

January 2010 is leaving us so quickly, what have we accomplish?

Saturday, January 16, 2010,4:46 AM
dare to be different

do you like lady gaga?? i envy her integrity, strength & boldness to dare to be different. she has sacrifice a major part of life to be a superb entertainer. for just more than a year, the sensual diva has gone from virtual unknown to a superstar, who has sold more than 8 millions copies of her initial albums.
gaga a.k.a stefani germanotta, is filling a gaping hole in the pop scene since she can sing, write & produce catchy provocative songs. but what stand out most about gaga is her ability to entertain. this gal has the ability to captivate via music and continue to glam the popstar attitude.. in short for a person like me, she made me feels a decade much younger in spirit & attitude...bravo!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010,5:42 AM
in search for a vision of hope

the first week of the new year has passed;

first, school has re open, farrah seems to be all so excited to get back to meet her gang after the months' break. she had her uniform neatly iron, hung up on the shelf two days before..as her part of her resolution, she wanted to be tidy.,help us around with the household chores
. however, she being still a kiddo..its just a week past..OMG just peek into her room,its here,there & everywhere. school time-table stretch as late as 1430hrs, and i am really worried for her going back on her own...somehow no matter how the people that i love has grown, to me they will always be a child worth caring for...i shall never stop worrying!! (gosh!)

second, i had a row with a close friend before the new year, it was like a debate without an end, after a while i felt the silence which was so disturbing. i was the sun & there was the rainbow..conflicting..somehow, i thought WT*, life is short and i hate being this way, amidst the thunderous conversation, glad we are talking now.. :)

third, work has double~up, it will be a busy traveling schedule ahead, with the launching & all the publicity. this is my second month getting back to a full time employment. i felt the toll. however, if this meant for me, GOD, please grant me the strength to persevere. bless all my sacrifices please.

to my love ones, standby me always..<3