♥ hearts
Friday, May 27, 2011,4:19 PM
it has been awhile ~ please stay

Wow! what must i say...its has been a long while. seasons change, people change, i change!. so much to encounter, however, whatever life predicaments, devastation ~ the one thing that i will always like to do is to seek a person who has angered me and forgive them for GOD's sake ~ thereafter i can move on with my journey with clarity of my conscience.
It has been almost 4 years now, the kids has grown. Abang is now a mechanical engineer, having a solar plant project under his sleeves. tt, he has completed his 3rd year, will be starting his practical in less than a week. farrah (errr..the unpredictable one) as always is giving me a heart attack ~ i pray that she is honestly working hard for her forthcoming exams in less that 5 months away.
i wake up each day with thanks & gratefulness for giving me the grace to be with the people that i love most, still given the chance to taste the sweetest of IMAN despite it all..